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This is the home of MR IMPACT [Trainer, lecturer, Public Speaker , Educational consultant} and McBABS [ Mc, Host, Anchor, Professional Compere]

As Mr Impact, I have spent over 20 years in educational services, Lecturing and training individuals, students, teachers, leaders , writers, public speakers and entrepreneurs across the globe particularly in Africa, the United Kingdom and now in the United states. I  do not only motivate, inspire and entertain educators, but I share with them practical, proven strategies they can take away and use effectively in their classrooms – immediately!

I help entrepreneurs understand the importance of placing esteemable values on themselves and to feel proud of the profession they have chosen because they definitely will make a difference in the lives of their clients. As a successful educator, coach, and national trainer , I promise to teach, motivate, and inspire educators in both my on-site and on-line trainings and keynotes.

As McBabs, you can count on my professionalism as a Host, Master of Ceremonies, Anchor or Professional Compere for any events across the globe such as School graduations, Wedding ceremonies, Seminars, Workshops , Dinners, Launching  and other Professional events.

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Visit My Store

Visit My Store

You can visit my store to get important materials for learning particularly as a Teacher, Entrepreneur and for personal growth and development. You can also register for virtual programmes and make donations for my projects with The Impact Team Africa which involve empowerments and education of young people in africa
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Presenting Classroom Management

My Classroom Management Training

In just one day, a better way! My one-day seminar is filled with strategies to 1) remain calm and respond right when challenged, 2) teach expectations, 3) provide adequate, fair, and timely consequences, 4) arrange the classroom for maximum performance, and 5) develop strong student-teacher relationships. Learn More…

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How can I serve you? Register your details here, so I can know how to serve you and make you see the cost implications of my service. I look forward to working with you in any requested capacity
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About Me - My Bio

My Bio!

  • Educator/ Lecturer
  • Coach / Instructor / Quiz master
  • Mc/ Host / Compere / Anchor
  • National Trainer, Classroom Management
  • National Trainer, Differentiated Instruction
  • Executive Director Impact Centre Africa
  • Academic Director , Babs Impact College
  • Host, Impact Educational Tv show
  • Associate consultant, Centre for Teachers Effectiveness
About My Services

About My Services

The strategies I present in my seminar receive universal praise by teachers, entrepreneurs and students in general because they are research-based, they are easy to use…and because they work! In my evidence-based seminars, teachers come away with highly praised strategies they can use in their classrooms the next day! For any programme I Host, the audience are always thrilled. Contact me for all these services  Learn More…

Presenting Classroom Management

My Student Engagement/Motivation (DI) Training

In just one day, a better way! My one-day seminar is filled with strategies to 1) promote positive classroom feelings, 2) promote student attention and interest, 3) promote connectedness and relevance, 4) promote self-efficacy, and 5) differentiating using best practices! Learn More…


Accolades About My Presentation!

“WOW! I learned more in this short time than in years of in-services!” Iris Hawkins. “This training provided the best logical presentation I’ve ever had in 23 years of teaching. I have practical ideas I can use immediately. The trainer demonstrated great knowledge what life is like in the classroom.” Neil Hudgens.
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Which Do YOU Want To Improve First?

How to not take the “debate bait” when challenged? How to teach to expectations and set your students up for success? How to ask and GET what you want 90% of the time? How to arrange the classroom for maximum performance? Or, how to form relationships that will turn your most challenging children into your biggest allies?
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