It’s Friday Friends. Today happiness will not be far from you.

Are you in pursuit of happiness?
And what does that really mean to you?
Is it spending more time with your loved ones?
Is it being the number-one top man in your organization?
Is it making high grades in school?
Is it having enough money you need?
Is it leaving a lasting and impactful legacy?

This morning I’ll share my take on true happiness and how to lead a more fulfilling life.
And as a bonus, I’ll leave you with two action steps on how to find this kind of happiness for yourself.
The answer may, in fact, surprise you…

Happiness is not a pursuit, It’s a choice. It’s a state of mind obtainable at any time. Sometimes it’s the pursue of virtues that bring happiness. The back bone of happiness is gratitude. If you are grateful for your life, you will always be happy no matter what is going on. Another factor is to make others happy. The more you do that, the more happiness become part of you. It’s not about what’s happening in your life, is about what you choose to run you.

Let’s get happy!
Here’s what I challenge you to do this morning before you run into your day:
Step #1) Jot down a few things you are most grateful about your life right now.
I know this seems obvious, but you’ll be surprised by how REFOCUSING on these not-so-obvious-to-your-current-mindset factors will immediately enhance your happiness.

Step #2) Jot down a few names of people you are going to go out of your way today to help make happy.
This is what will have a lasting impact on your happiness for today.

To your happiness.

Your Daily Friend,