Good morning and Happy thursday!
I want to start this by asking you a powerful question you don’t ask yourself enough:
Are you happy?

What if I told you that happiness is just an illusion or in other words, a state of mind…would you believe me?
Let’s get you going into this week (and the rest of your life!) with increased joy, happiness and gratitude…

Happiness to many is a result of contrast and comparison. We try to compare ourselves with others and see if we are better…The result is the state of our happiness.

We go to people’s time line and see how beautiful they are, beautiful places they visit and you look at your self and feel sad.

No one will display their problems. It could be more than yours.
Happiness is from inside and not from outside. We compare some ones back stage with our front stage.

Happiness is a state of mind. Choose to be happy. Live with gratitude and focus on what you have. Don’t be an internet troll…Be happy with your life. You will get there.

The greatest cause of unhappiness is created by contrast and comparison.
Let’s keep it super simple today:
1) Don’t be an internet troll.
2) Get out and live life.
3) Do your best and bring your best to every day!

Your Daily Friend,


BabsMicheal Global Consultancy