Happy Friday to you Friends. Today will bring favour for you.

Good morning!
You are, in fact, having a good morning… right?

Let me ask you a tough question… One you may not want to answer.
Do you have unspoken angst?… and with whom?
Might you be carrying around some baggage?

Don’t put on your false bravado, you have some…confess it

TODAY, not tomorrow, not next week, I want you to confront him or her…


Step #1:
In your journal/ notepad write down the name of the person (s) you have unspoken angst with.
________________,________________, ________________.

Step #2:
Jot down some thoughts on what you might have done to have them act this way toward you.

Step #3:
Put on your BRAVE face, reach out to the person you have unspoken angst with… and speak to them!
Start by confessing your own feelings, not by attacking theirs.
Express your interpretation of events and the affect this has had on you.
Ask what you might have done to have them act this way toward you.

Helpful hint: Suggest upfront that you might have misinterpreted the situation but wanted to clear the air and make peace.

I know this is uncomfortable, but just do it!
Remember…No pain…No gain.

Once this is done you are going to feel SO GOOD.
Remember, the beast of angst grows to be 10X greater when kept inside, than the reality of the situation—every time. RELEASE THE BEAST!

Repeat the three steps above each time you catch yourself holding onto any angst.

I hope this process brings you increased energy, productivity, love, and a better quality of life for you and those around you!

To a better you.

Your Daily Friend,