Dear fellow honeymooners, if there is anything like that.

We are close to ending the 2023  race and getting excited about a new year. It’s the honey moon phase.

We all experience it…
Whether at a new job, relationship, or new city – it’s easy to fall in love with “the new.”
But then it starts to fade.
The same goes for your New year’s goal.

A day from today the world will be counting down to midnight, all while dreaming about and concocting their next great vision and goal for the new year…only to lose steam several weeks or months into 2024.

You have to decide what you want in 2024 and go for it with all your strength.

Do you ever grapple with decisions?
Going back and forth between the “Should I or shouldn’t I?”
Well the good news is you won’t have to agonize over your decision making any longer.

Be the decider today.
Find three decisions today to filter through that simple question:
Am I more likely to say:
“I wish I hadn’t”
“I’m glad I did?”
After those three, tackle a few more. With these, you have an idea of your topmost goals that you know you will say “I’m glad I did?”

Become agony free – today!
But not you, not this year.
Here’s how to NOT FAIL this year when it comes to your 2024 Resolutions:

Vet your goals and your plan to achieve them with the ½ dozen common mistakes and adjust:

1. Too Many, Too Much
2. Too Tough, Too Soon
3. Too Hardcore
4. Too Rigid
5. Too Vague
6. No Measurement

Consider all these factors to have a better written goals and well planned for 2024.

How did you do on all of those resolutions and goals you made back in January?
Be honest…
Do you even remember what your 2023 resolutions were?
Did you want to hit the gym a few times a week consistently and lose that extra weight?
Or maybe buckle down and finally pay off that lingering debt?

Perhaps you just wanted to spend more quality time with your friends and family?
No matter what you had planned for 2023, the hard truth is this:

92% of people FAIL to achieve their New Year’s goals and resolutions.
Look, I know a lot can happen in a year.
It’s been a crazy one for me too.
But I don’t want 2024 to end this same way for you.

I don’t want YOU to be one of those 92% ever again.
This time next year, you won’t be stuck setting the same old resolutions.
And you WON’T be setting yourself up to fail them… again.

So take this new dimension..evaluate your goals & dreams. 

Let’s go and take over territories.

Your Daily Friend,

Babs Micheal

BabsMicheal Global Consultancy