Babs’ Daily Inspirations;

Top of the morning to you Friends.

As you step out this week, always remember to put God first and every other thing will be in place.

I want to ask you a question? Who takes first place in your life? I believe it is God.

When you give God first place in your life, you are making a policy that in all things God will take the precedence.

As soon as you take the decision to make God first, there will be some reactions around you, especially from people who have taken God’s place in your life.

No matter the opposition or reaction you get, you must not be afraid of confrontation. This is the time you need to break free from manipulation and intimidation.

You have tried fixing things with your skills and all inspirations but it seems nothing is happening. Is time to put God first.

Getting what you want can be a slow process, but quitting won’t speed it up! Don’t give up what you want most, for what you want right now. God is the key.

Some of your greatest life lessons are hidden within your greatest disappointments. Don’t just GO through trouble, GROW through your trouble with God on your side.

Do not allow yourself to be harassed and manipulated to the point where you cannot obey God anymore. When you make Him first in your life, every other thing will become easy to handle.

Determine to make God the first on your priority list. When the people or things that used to occupy that position react, do not lose your determination.

I am getting to where I want to be because I made the decision to make God first in my life and since then, I have never had cause to regret.

Don’t give up on God…He won’t give up on you. God is able.

You will succeed!

Your Daily Friend,