Hello Fellow Nigerians,

Happy Independence day! As we celebrate

our 61st National Independence today,

celebration will not cease from your life.

Join me and say this powerful prayer

which is part of our National Anthem.

Oh God of Creation,

Direct Our Noble Cause;

Guide Our Leaders Right

Help Our Youth the Truth to Know

In Love and Honesty to Grow

And Living Just and True

Great Lofty Heights Attain

To Build a Nation

Where Peace And Justice Shall Reign.

Dear Nigerians, with all is facing Nigeria and with what Nigerians are facing

I still see the GREATNESS coming

I see a new Nigeria.

I see a nation that would lead the world

in technological revolution. A nation that would

turn around from being a consumer-oriented

economy to a producer-oriented economy.

I see a country that will earn the respect of the whole world.

I see a nation that would secure a seat on the

United Nations Security Council by reason of

our achievement, a nation that other nations

would consult on how to run their economy.

I pray that it will happen in your lifetime and mine.

You and I will build a nation where Peace and Justice shall reign.

let’s keep watering…The land is green

According to Timi Dakolo:

We’re all we have, we’ll defend our land
We believe in this nation, and we know we’ll get there
We’re all we have, we’ll defend our land
We believe in Nigeria and the promise she holds
And that one day we’ll shine like the sun
We’re a great nation

One day we will surely shine just like the sun

You will succeed

Happy new month


BabsMicheal Global Consultancy