Babs’ Daily Inspirations:

Good Morning!
Happy Friday

So I have an important discipline to talk to you about.
Here’s what it is:

“Never let those things that matter the least get in the way of those things that matter the most”

For most people, this happens ALL THE TIME.

In the couple minutes we have together this morning, I want you to jot down the 3 things that matter the most to you in life. Just 3. I know that there are lots of things that matter to you, but I want you to do the hard work to narrow it down to your top 3.

I’ll give you a for instance:
For me, it is my health, my relationships(family, wife, children, friends) and my mission.

You see, that means my travel schedule is not going to get in the way of my health.
Or a call from a client, Facebook or mobile distractions is not going to interrupt dinner with her or time to honor my mum or synergise with friends
Or television, news or other people’s drama are not going to derail me from my focus on my mission.

Action for today :
So today, pick your three and think about how you might often let things that matter the least get in the way or interrupt those things that… you’ve stated matter the most.

And think about how you can treat your time with those three things more sacredly, especially this weekend 

By the way, you have been doing a great job, those who take time to private chat and try to get better, keep getting better.
I’m really proud of you for stepping up.
I’ll meet you back here tomorrow morning so we can keep moving.
Until then, shine on!

Your Daily Friend,

BabsMicheal Global Consultancy