What excuses do you have? Is it that you were not born into a wealthy family? Or you do not have connections with the ‘right’ people? Or that you do not have an education? Or nobody believes in you? Or you do not have enough capital? Or you are physically handicapped?

I have news for you. There is no good enough reason in the whole world for you not to make it. What you need most is a dream and a strong desire to see it fulfilled.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

You must get a dream from God – a big dream. The dreams of today are the realities of tomorrow. The dream that some dared to dream yesterday are the realities of today.

Electric light is enjoyed all over the world today because Thomas Alva Edison had a dream of inventing the light bulb. Hundreds of aircrafts lift millions of people across the world’s airspace every year because the Wright brothers dared to dream of a vehicle that could fly in the sky. Dr. Christian Barnard dared to dream of performing a surgical procedure thought by everyone to be impossible. He wanted to perform a human heart transplant.

Thank God, today, hundreds of lives have been saved. All of the computers, communication gadgets and skyscrapers we see today started as dreams in people’s hearts

Dont kill that dream….birth it.

Good morning your excellencies